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Project: The Additive Manufacturing – Business & Technology Support Packages (AM-BATS)

RAM Engineering and Tooling (AM-BATS)

RAM Engineering & Tooling is a Scottish SME that specialises in application-driven subtractive and additive manufacturing technologies.  Traditionally a subtractive machinery seller, director Ross Milne was interested in new additive technologies, including using both additive and subtractive manufacturing in a hybrid process.

He engaged with the NMIS Machining and Additive Manufacturing Team through its AM-BATS project, which aims to contribute to the growth of the Scottish supply chain in additive manufacturing by providing SMEs with knowledge and skills that de-risk the adoption of innovative technologies and create an environment of certainty and confidence that will encourage investment.


Ross was keen to see the real-world application of new additive technologies, specifically in relation to SMEs, for whom the cost of innovative technologies such as these is often prohibitive. The risk was also an issue – many of RAM’s potential customers were unsure as to how ready the products were for manufacture so de-risking was a big challenge.  The company needed proven technologies that could be affordable for the SME market, with support in place to enable their customers to adopt them.

How did the AFRC help?

  • Introduced RAM to two key partners – MELD Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing Technologies
  • Knowledge & technical expertise to support RAM’s adoption of new technologies
  • De-risking the adoption of the new AM technologies for RAM’s customers
  • Introduction to funding streams
  • Carried out project suitability evaluation
  • AFRC as a research partner for RAM

Business Benefits

  • Connections made resulted in RAM increasing its product offering
  • Tenfold increase in awareness of company offerings to a much wider audience
  • Increased enquiries from:
    • Europe/Australia/UAE/UK-Wide
    • Diverse industries including bespoke furniture/jewellery/sports/forging/oil&gas/aerospace/automotive/food
    • Lead levels have increased at a rate of 1-3 per week
    • Lead conversion has increased from more than 50% following project suitability evaluation
    • New Hybrid products now running 24-7 on real-world commercial applications in the UK and USA.


The Additive Manufacturing Business and Technology Support (AM-BATS) project is funded by the Advancing Manufacturing Challenge Fund (AMCF). The primary aim of AMCF projects, moderated by Scottish Enterprise and funded through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is to advance the manufacturing capabilities of small to medium-sized enterprises in Scotland.