SCOUT (Scottish Outreach)

Transferring new technology into business growth.

The SCOUT project can help businesses to de-risk technology development with the help of world-class capabilities and innovation expertise. 

If you are a business that is developing disruptive technologies and need help with the innovation process, overcoming market-entry barriers or support to build a supply chain, SCOUT is here to help.

Key Information

Integrating innovative products and services is critical to the success of the Scottish manufacturing industries. Transforming new technology into business growth and increased profitability is a challenging process and companies often need targeted and bespoke support to achieve this.

SCOUT offers Scottish SMEs support through a three-pronged approach of:

  • Innovation Forum – A forum to workshop key industry challenges
  • Innovation Integrator assessments – business consultancy tool considering 12 key factors in the journey towards commercialisation
  • Deep technical consultancy - desk based feasibility study addressing a particular technology challenge 

This support will generate new ideas, partnerships and revenues, helping to accelerate the delivery of disruptive technology to the market and ultimately to deliver economic growth. CPI along with CMAC Future Manufacturing Research Hub and the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre (IBioIC) jointly bring their strong technical expertise and facilities to support SMEs progress with their innovation challenges. Companies will be connected to new networks and supply chains to encourage partnerships and can attend innovation forums with a focus on technology and business challenges.

The project can support companies to overcome the challenges they face including: 

  • Mapping a path to commercialisation.
  • Support with growth challenges by providing a clear plan, new networks and knowledge from industry experts.
  • Making links for SMEs to parallel supply chains and increase partnerships for regulatory, process technology and digital companies.
  • Support to overcome barriers to R&D investment. 
Qualifying SMEs are eligible to access these fully funded services provided by the SCOUT project. 

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Key Contacts

Brian McFerran is the Programme Manager at MMIC (Medicines Manufacturing Innovation Centre) having joined CPI in March 2020. Brian has a background in pharmacology with previous experience in pre-clinical drug discovery as well as drug manufacture supporting early stage clinical trials.

To find out more about this project, you can contact Brian by email.

Alternatively, connect with Brian on LinkedIn.

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