The Critical Engineer

Regional Skills Hub to help unlock Manufacturing4.0. 

West College Scotland has launched an exciting new project that will unlock the benefits of Manufacturing 4.0 technology for SMEs across the west of Scotland. 

“The Critical Engineer” will create a regional skills hub, giving SMEs access to the latest Manufacturing 4.0 technologies, through a combination of online, college and work-based learning, expert support and collaboration opportunities with other businesses.

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Key Information
West College Scotland has developed the concept of ‘The Critical Engineer’ to help businesses understand and prepare for Manufacturing 4.0. Their concept recognises that the changes that businesses need support to undertake are as much cultural, as technical. ‘The Critical Engineer’ is a vision of the employee in your business who will act as catalyst for change.

If you are a small or medium enterprise seeking to modernise, The Critical Engineer can help you to develop a culture of innovation and develop the skills and confidence of your employees, so that your company can be part of Scotland’s advanced manufacturing future.

The project will provide a number of key services, including:        

  • Bespoke analysis of skills, planning and opportunities for learning and technical training, personalised to the SME and business sector
  • SME business engagement and support to identify and develop the culture & skills to thrive in a Manufacturing 4.0 operating environment
  • Training in advanced manufacturing technologies, including application of CNC, PLC and robotics
  • Development of key meta and digital skills for SMEs workforces
  • Brokering collaboration opportunities between SMEs, companies and academic institutions and building skills pipelines to advanced manufacturing

This significant investment from AMCF enables West College Scotland and Renfrewshire Council to ensure our regional SMEs contribute towards the national vision for advanced manufacturing and thrive and prosper in Manufacturing 4.0. The services provided by our ‘Critical Engineer’ project will equip SMEs with access to the necessary business support, technology, training and innovation partnerships. In doing so, it will unlock opportunities for investment and bridge the gaps in technology and innovation between advancing and advanced manufacturing in the west of Scotland.

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Key Contacts

Alistair Rodgers is the Project Lead for the Critical Engineer project. 

He is Head of Engineering at West College Scotland. A qualified Mechanical Engineer (B-Eng Hons) with a Masters in Educational Leadership, Alistair has 16+ years’ leadership experience within FE, overseeing strategic employer projects, including BAE Systems, Rolls-Royce, Thales and Aggreko.

To find out more about this project, you can contact Alistair by email.

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